Lately, people are consistently getting more and more disconnected from food production. With the markets always pushing for cheaper prices and higher yields, the quality of produce that finally arrives on our table has reached very low levels. In Sarandis Nurseries, we believe that the quality of our food is intrinsically connected to the quality of our life, and thus we consider the quality of our products as one of the most important factors.


For this reason, our company pays a lot of attention to the traceability of our products, that is, the control and constant oversight of every single area of production, packing, and logistics. This is possible through the creation of a very powerful, custom built system to keep track of every stage, from the seed all the way to delivery to the customer. This way, we can assure the quality of all of our products during the production and storage phases, as well as giving every customer total trust peace of mind for each of our products that finds their way on their table.

Our traceability system allows us to monitor every single product individually, giving us the ability to completely map its route from the seed to the customer in total detail.

Quality Control

In addition to the above, the company implements a Quality Management System, focusing on protecting the consumer and the environment. To do this, we have created and are implementing a complete policy regarding food safety and the prevention of environmental pollution, natural resources and water in particular. Part of this policy includes keeping of detailed records of every resource used during production and packing, which in combination with the use of new technologies and methods allows us to keep improving efficiency and reducing wasteful use of such resources. This way, by focusing on the continuous reduction of the use of water and energy, we are managing to have a very efficient production cycle and minimizing waste.


This focus on the systematic control and record-keeping of every stage, has allowed us to be industry leaders in the Greek market and to be proud recipients of multiple certifications that not only look into food, customer and worker safety, but also respect towards society, people, environment and more generally the legacy that we leave on the earth that offers us its bounty.